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The Zip-line is a technique included in climbing and vertical techniques. It’s defined as the union between two points with a rope or a cable, it allows us pass forth in sliding down it.
An activity to enjoy from the youngest to the most dared.
Both Ziplines and Tibetan bridges require the use of security harness, that keeps us attached to the safety line while we cross. In case of falling the harness would keep from reaching the ground.
Green Level: For the youngest ones, there is a course specially designed for them. Accompanied by an adult, children will be able to enjoy 13 different games at heights of 1-2 meters off the ground.
Blue Levels: For the ones that already reach 1.20m of height there are 2 more levels. Easy and Medium levels count with 13 games each to be enjoyed at height of 3-5 meters off the ground.
Red level: For the daring ones, there is a hard level. All those measuring 1.45m of height will be able to enjoy this level: 16 different games including 3 zipline that reach 10 metres height and 80 meters long.
Includes: Harness with ropes and security lock carabineers, pulley for the ziplines and briefing (short training course prior to the high-ropes).
Green Circuit = 9€/person
Blue Circuit 1 = 13€/person
Blue Circuit 2 = 16€/person
Blue 1 + Blue 2 Circuits = 24€/person
Blue 1 + Blue 2 + Red Circuits = 35€/person